Wikiworld, wikilearning

”Over time, technology has transformed the way we relate to each other and the epistemological foundations of society — the way we perceive reality collectively. This is a truly radical opening for socialists, inside the classroom and outside of it. What will we do with it?” – Megan Erickson


Kupiainen, Reijo, Juha Suoranta & Tere Vadén (2009) Fire Next Time: or revisioning higher education in the context of digital social creativity. E–Learning 4 (2), 128–137. (Link to the article [peer-review])

Leinonen, Teemu, Juha Suoranta & Tere Vadén (2009) Learning in and with an open wiki project: Wikiversity’s potential in global capacity building. First Monday 14 (2). (link to the article [peer-reviewed])

Suoranta, Juha & Moisio, Olli-Pekka (2006) Critical Pedagogy as Collective Social Expertise in Higher Education. International Journal of Progressive Education 2 (3). (link to the article)

Suoranta, Juha (2010) Jacques Rancière on Radical Equality and Adult Education. In Peters, M. et al. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education. (link to the article [peer-reviewed])

Suoranta, Juha (2010) Learners and Oppressed Peoples of the World, Wikify! In Malott, Curry & Porfilio, Bradley (Eds.). Critical Pedagogy in the 21st Century: A New Generation of Scholars. Information Age Publishing. (download as pdf)

Suoranta, Juha (2015). Yhdessä tiedämme kaiken. Teoksessa Harni, E. (2015). Kontrollikoulu. Jyväskylä: Kampus Kustannus, 189–207. (linkki artikkelin viimeiseen versioon)

Suoranta, Juha (2015). Wikit vapaassa sivistystyössä. Käsikirjoitus. (linkki käsikirjoitukseen)

Suoranta, Juha. Critical Pedagogy and Wikilearning. (Manuscript)

Suoranta, Juha & Tere Vadén (2010) Wikiworld. London: Pluto Press. (download a draft) (buy a new, revisited and enhanced version)

Suoranta, Juha & Tere Vadén (2012) Wikilearning as Radical Equality. In Trifonas, Peter (ed.). Learning in the Virtual: Public Pedagogy in the Digital Age. London & New York: Routledge. (download as pdf)

Vadén, Tere & Suoranta, Juha (2009) A Definition and Criticism of Cybercommunism. Class & Capital 33 (1), 159–177 (link to the article [[peer-reviewed])

Related research stuff by significant others

Bale, Lawrence S. (1992). Gregory Bateson’s Theory of Mind: Practical Applications to Pedagogy. (link to the paper)

Mitra, Sugata & Dangwal, Ritu (2010). Limits to self-organising systems of learning—the Kalikuppam experiment. British Journal of Educational Technology 41 (5), 672–688. (Download as pdf)


Education as Commons – what is wikilearning? (lecture mainly in Finnish, download as pdf)

Jacques Rancière radikaalista tasa-arvosta ja oppimisesta (conference paper in Finnish, link to the paper)

Wikioppiminen ja radikaali tasa-arvo (article in Finnish, download as pdf)

Wikilearning vs Formal Learning (Table 1) (dowdload as pdf)

Theories and theorists of wikilearning (linkki)



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